Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8 Friday what next

The slightly more bullish wave count would be if the high was 3 of a die tri and now going up in the wave 5 of die tri. Then back to 1530's

Unending rally March 8 - 15

The Fed is pumping so much money to sustain this rally.
I had a down day today by many systems but it dint work unfortunately.
There was this Saturn 60 Pluto 8th early morning, which happened also on 26th Dec around that time it had caused a small crash.
THIS aspect was after 22 years and as they are 3, next one will be 21 Sept. They dont hv much importance on short term usually.

Sunday begins the New moon period as Moon will also be in Pisces. But it seems the opex week may turn out to be volatile but still in favor of bulls but I am not sure. I think we should see a dip on Monday even tho it may bounce again.
14th Thur could be very positive so if that is a high day, may be 11, 12, 13 are down days.
Usually new moon in Pisces, peaking at  251 pm cst monday,  is bullish but that may not work necessarily as last Full Moon on 4th was supposed to mean negative but it turned out positive. Obviously when human intervention astro fails. 
More important is Mars turn into Aries at early hour of 12th March Tuesday. That is critical as Mars rules Aries and same day morning moon goes into Aries which MAY create some down time for 12/13. If 14 is an up day we can be sure we are heading into a high around 19th.

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