Monday, January 27, 2014

Fwd: [Financial Markets Astral Guide] Week of 27th - 31st Jan - Markets Turbulence

When we look from energy around Earth - we are in the weakest period or rather most volatile period just like Sept/Oct. Aqu/Pisc Sun till 20th March can create havoc and will surely make a big bottom around last week of Feb.
Since we focus on micro term as traders we overlook larger frames. I am for sure a micro trader and have been hooked for ignoring larger frames. This entire market rally was supported by Fed and now things will melt. Problem is we reach a very shaky period since few weeks ago when we had SUN JUPITER opposition on Jan 5th evening that influences market after about 2 to 3 weeks.
To worsen we had on 22nd Jan evening Sun squaring with Moon's Node that is like a sharp turn of energy at the elliptic wheel. It is like turning a motor car at 500 miles per hour on a narrow turn. This can kill most markets. Another negative on 25th Morning braked Mercury when it squared with Saturn.
On 26th and 29th.30th evenings Mercury does 45 deg with Ura, Plu & Ven, that can create more imbalance. THIS whole energy will explode begining tonight to 31st Jan when massive Jupiter opposes Plu that meet in polarity of cancer and capri. and this energy is extremely fear producing darkness, its impact is very long term for next decade, as Moon at perigee in Aqu will be at 0 deg with Aqu sun and same time Mer ingress Pisces and Ven goes direct and all this is extremely big energy exploding that can cause accidents, havoc and also meetings. resolutions and great shifts in mood, feelings and our view point to each other and to the economic turbulence. THIS PERIOD also has something to do with Govt's economic policies, taxation and their oppressive conduct worldwide more specially in the US for now while Jup is around Cancer.
Immediate Short term: As I wrote last week Monday's night slight change in mood and most like a bit of reversal or some shock. Then another change on Jan 29th night onwards till 31st Morning. So we have to watch Tue/Wed, then Thur and Fri.
My system shows 29, 30 as positive and then coming Mon at least.

Financial Markets Astral Guide at 1/27/2014 11:52:00 AM

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fwd: Rally into the close should be....

SP ending the day in rally mode. Maybe the cit is to the down side. The pattern says 70% chance this rally fails without going above 1829.50 es. Then it is followed by a powerful down leg that easily takes out todays lows. This is what the pattern favors, so I am short 1 mini at 1824.
Now, before the next strong leg down materializes, we may see a day or so of drifty up and down price action. This is an abc pattern up so it will make a strong "a" wave up, followed by a "b" wave back down, and then one more strong leg up ( that stays below 1829.50 es.). So don't expect the powerful down leg to show up right away. It could, but usually a lot of digest time is needed before the next down leg shows up.
Conclusion: Odds favor this rally into the close is a correction and one more strong leg down should show up in the next day or two.