Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fwd: Is it a top or more to follow?

Today unique moment when sun moon mars and ven all in pisces. This is rare but its bullish thats why no big selling came. BUT Pisces rules creates illusion so its all temporary.

Tonight dynamics may change when MARS change to Aries and tmrw venus does the same!
This usually means aggression and fight. Cant say who wins but it does create highs to some extent.
Trend reversal may happen next Mon n Tue if it works and then around 25 or 26 a bottom which will give oppor to buy possibly and if that works expect a high around March 4
Market seems to be resilient and if there is no signific selling dont knw who will buy.
We can have these reversal dates to consider for now.  MAY BE tmrw they rally till MON morning and then a bust follows for a few days
March 4